The Mysterious Inheritance

Human beings! We love to talk about ourselves. We just cannot seem to help it. Living out our lives inside these fragile bodies can go either way. On the good days, when our legs are strong and our minds are clear, the body feels invincible and beautiful. It is the perfect space suit inside which we feel safe and powerful. On even better days, and these are rare, we transcend out of our bodies and experience moments of total freedom, euphoria, and peace. You know…lying on your back looking up at the fluffy clouds on a beautiful day at the beach, walking through the woods early in the morning, the first kiss you share with the love of your life, holding your baby for the first time…just to name a few.

Then, there are the days when our bodies feel like prisons. Trapped inside a body that grows more frail and broken as each day passes. The inescapable burden of protecting, healing and nurturing hundreds of physical components. The mundane albatross of tooth brushing, hair washing, nail clipping, feeding and hydrating this cumbersome body holds us back from dancing all night, riding roller coasters, climbing trees. It cannot go nearly as far as imagination can take our spirits. Gold medals are awarded to the few who dedicate their lives to overcoming its limitations. The outside appearance lies about us. We can hide behind carefully constructed masks of arrogance or rebellion. Often, we beg each other to withhold judgement of what seems to be and see with the eyes of the heart.

Honestly, we are so much more than our jobs, grades, hobbies and cultural backgrounds. We are constantly surprised by what we feel and do. Every day, the mysteries of our lives unfold. It just does not always add up as it should. No matter who you are, rich or poor, beautiful or plain, self centered or altruistic, kind or nasty, makes no difference. You could go to church every Sunday and feed the homeless, or you could be the homeless, it would not matter. None of us completely know what makes us who we are. From the endless generations that preceded our individual lives we inherit both strength and weakness. An inheritance that can include a treasure of talent and good fortune as well as a consequence of misfortune, circumstances, and DNA stacked against you. We will each experience Heaven, Hell, and Limbo during the journey here. A journey creating itself through nature, accidents, and coincidences.

How do we keep going in the face of all of the unknown curves and dips on the road of our lives? Well, we just do not have a choice. So, we just hold on and ride it. There is, it seems, one real choice. Love or fear. We meet it at every curve and every dip. Ultimately, our inheritance holds more questions than answers. What next?


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